Have to / don’t have to

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I have to study English at school.
I don’t have to run 10km everyday.


Print out the cards and use the backing to print on the back to make sure that the students can’t see through them.

This game is played in small groups (3-5) students. The cards are placed face down on the table. The first student chooses either “I have to” or “I don’t have to” before they draw a card. They then say the sentence they have made. If it is correct then they get to keep the card. If it is wrong they need to put the card back in the pile and mix them up.

Regardless if they are right or wrong the game progresses to the next student. They keep playing until they run low on cards or the time runs out.

The winner is the student with the most cards.

cards background

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p38) - "I have to meet a friend."
vocab:   afternoon,  clean,  drank,  drink,  get    (details)

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