This is the __ eaten by __.

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This is the bike ridden by Andy


I think this grammar point feels a little forced and unnatural but it’s good practice using this form of verb.
This activity relies heavily on customising it to the teachers in your school so it only serves to be an idea.

Find 2 more teachers that are willing to appear on your worksheet. Find out information about them like: what movie they watch, music they listen to etc… Replace the pictures on the worksheet with the answers you got from the other teachers. (in a random order for each category)

First the students will mark their opinions about which picture belongs to each teacher. They do this my marking the initial of each teacher in the circle next to the photo. They DO not write any sentences yet.

Then they walk around the class room and play JANKEN. The winner gets to ask 3 questions to the loser. They pick one of the categories and ask “What’s this?” while pointing to the first picture. The loser looks at their answers and say “This is the cup used by Andy”. The winner takes a note and asks “What’s this?” while pointing to the next picture in the same category….. repeat until the category is finished.

this is the cup used by AndyBLURRED

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