I like/enjoy _ing _.

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I enjoy watching movies on Monday.
I like eating McDonald’s ice cream on Wednesday.


The students write ONE example on the top of the diary next to the pencil.
They can chose any day… (..on Monday, on Tuesday…)… the diary entries for each day have to remain BLANK for the time being.

Once they have finished, the students walk around the room and play Jaken. If winner gets to ask the loser the question on the sheet. “What do you like doing?”. The loser answers with what the wrote on the top of the diary. The winner makes a note “playing soccer”, “watching movies” or whatever, in the correct day the student said. After the winner has finished making a note of the losers response, the loser then signs their name next to the winners note on the winners paper.

The split up and look for another player to play janken with.

After the game is over get the students to make sentences. A friends report (they have a note and a signature so they know who said what)
For example, “Andy likes playing soccer on Tuesday.”

like ing

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p57) - "We enjoyed swimming."
vocab:   abroad    (details)

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