It/He/She looks like

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It looks like Italy.
It looks like a pencil.
He looks like Andy.


Students walk around and as their friends what each of the items are.
They make a note of their friends answers and get a signature.

Later check the answers and see which student has the most intelligent friends!

The answers are

Pencils, Wii controller (it was in the presentation), McD’s cup

Italy (Pisa), Scotland (change to your country), Odaiba (not NY)

John Cena (Ive used him in many lessons so my kids know him), Andy (me. so change you your photo as a kid), Tomochin (change to a more modern bad photo of a celeb before they were famous)

i dont know

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p36) - "They look great."
vocab:   bank,  church,  department store,  hospital    (details)

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