Who is the __ _ing_ __?

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Who is the boy riding bike?


A very difficult activity that must be carefully done step by step. (depending on the level of the class)

Do a long presentation to make sure the students understand the grammar. use some of the verbs contained on the worksheet.

Make sure half the students get an A worksheet and the other half get a B worksheet. (for the game later)

Get the students to look at the picture make match up the sentences at the top. Give them some time and check answers.
Drill the correct answers.

The students will walk around and look for a student with the opposite worksheet from themselves and ask a question from the top. The goal is to fill in all the character names that they have blank.

Go through each part carefully with a goo demo in front of the class for the second section. It’s not easy, but there is something in this activity for many types of students (VATK)

A worksheet B worksheet

School textbooks

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