This is the __ Andy ___s.

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This is the sport Andy plays.
This is the person Bob loves.


Shichinarabe game.
Each group (3/5 students) need a full set of cards.

One set: print each page on a different color of paper.
Cut up the cards and shuffle them.

Deal ALL the cards to the members of the group.
Any students with the number 7, need to play them at the begining. Place the 4 “7 cards” in a row on the table.

Students play JAKEN to decide the first player. The first player can play a card ONE higher or ONE lower than the cards on the table. When they play a card they MUST make an English sentence using the TL.

If you don’t know the rules of the game place check this link

The different colors in my game relate to the different suit in the explanation.

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