VATK learners

VATK (or VARK) is a popular way to teach to different types of learners and maximise the effectiveness of your lesson.

There are many kinds of student that you will come across during your time as a teacher. All the students will have their own way of learning and absorbing information. Different types of learner can be distilled into 4 groups and a combination of the 4. It’s important to think about having elements in your lesson that appeals to each of these groups (or focuses on as many as possible).


Visual learner get the most from; pictures, diagrams, visual aids, flash cards and well presented worksheets.


These students are best with; music, songs, drilling, a varied, interesting voice and talking to other students.

Tactile (Reading / Writing)

Tactile also includes; reading and writing. Writing on a worksheet or reading information from the board or paper is great. Board games and card games also include a small tactile element as they involve touching the materials to complete the task.


This involves learning from experiences and doing things. Games are an obvious choice or anything that involves completing a clear task.


As most students are not 100% in one group, but are a combination of 2/3. it’s good to try and compass these elements into your class to cater for as many of the students as possible.

For a more in depth breakdown into 9 different intelligence. 

Do not mistake this with PPP which focuses on the lesson structure and should be followed if you are teaching a PPP style class.

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  1. andymckie says:

    If you want to learn more about this, a clever person has broken them down into 9 different areas.
    Well worth a read.

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