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1“Bored or boring” posterpresentation
2“Thank you card” examplesproduction
3-ing is fun.practice
4-ing makes/made Bob happy.practice
5-ing makes/made Bob happy.presentation
6a / anpractice
8Are you from…?practice
9Are you… ?practice
10as _ aspresentation
11as _ aspractice
12as _ asproduction
13Blank templateproduction
14Body partsproduction
15Box worksheet – Blank templatepractice
16Can I… ?presentation
17Can I… ?practice
18Can I… ?practice
19Can you _?practice
20Can you _?presentation
21Can you _?practice
22Can you _?production
23Cat game – Blank templatepractice
24Comparatives – more – thanproduction
25Comparatives – more – thanpresentation
26Comparatives – more – thanpractice
27Comparatives erpractice
28Comparatives erproduction
29Could youproduction
30Could youpractice
31Days and timepractice
32Debate timeproduction
34Desert Island Adventureproduction
36Directions using trains and busespractice
37Do you enjoy -ing?practice
38Do you know how to _?practice
39Do you know how to _?production
40Do you like / play / have _ ?practice
41Do you like / play / have _ ?--
42Do you like studying English?practice
43Do you like _ ?practice
44Do you like _ ?practice
45Do you… ?practice
48Give mepractice
51Halloween Monsterproduction
52Have to / don’t have topresentation
53Have to / don’t have topractice
54Have to / don’t have toproduction
55Have to / don’t have topractice
56Have you … yet?practice
57Have you … yet?production
58Have you ever … before?practice
59Have you ever … before?production
60Have you ever… ?practice
61He looks…practice
62He/She is ~ingpractice
63He/She is…?production
64He/She is…?practice
65He/She is…?presentation
66He/She looks happy.practice
67How is…production
68How is…practice
69How long have you…?practice
70How long have you…?production
71How long have you…?practice
72How many pencils do you have?production
73How many posters do you have?practice
74How many _ ?practice
75How was the weather…?practice
76How was the weather…?presentation
77How was/is the weather in…?practice
78I (don’t) enjoy ~ing?practice
79I don’t like…practice
80I don’t like…presentation
81I have just…practice
82I have just…production
83I have just…practice
84I have just…production
85I like -ingpractice
86I like/enjoy _ing _.presentation
87I like/enjoy _ing _.production
88I live / like / go to _.presentation
89I live / like / go to _.practice
90I my me mineproduction
91I my me minepractice
92I need _ which _practice
93I need _ which _presentation
94I thinkpractice
95I want a job THAT (verb)practice
96I want a job THAT (verb)production
97I want toproduction
98I want topresentation
99I want topractice
100I want to … because …production
101I want to … because …practice
105I’m afraid / I’m sureproduction
106I’m afraid / I’m surepractice
107I’m going to…production
108I’m going to…practice
109I’m happy to _.practice
110I’m happy to _.production
111I’m here to _.practice
112I’m here to _.production
113I’m here to _.presentation
114I’m… I live in… I like…practice
117If __, what will you do?practice
118If___, what will you do?practice
122Interview templatepractice
123Is he / she ?presentation
124Is he/she -ing?presentation
125Is he/she -ing?practice
126Is she angry?practice
127Is there / Are there ?practice
128Is there / Are there ?production
129Is there / Are there ?presentation
130It will be eaten bypractice
131It will be eaten byproduction
132It’s __ for __ to __.presentation
133It’s __ for __ to __.practice
134It’s __ for __ to __.production
135It’s __ for __ to __.production
136It/He/She looks likepresentation
137It/He/She looks likepractice
138I__ because __.practice
139I’m afraid / I’m surepractice
140LINE bingo templatespractice
141Live in / like / play / havepractice
142May I … ?practice
143May I … ?practice
144May I … ?production
147more most er est – Reviewpractice
148more most er est – Reviewproduction
149More Vocabpresentation
150More vocab practicepractice
152Must / Mustn’t / Should / Shouldn’tpractice
153Must / Mustn’t / Should / Shouldn’tproduction
154Must / Mustn’t / Should / Shouldn’tpractice
155Must / Mustn’tpractice
157Passive – waspractice
158Passive – waspresentation
159Passive – wasproduction
160Passive practicepractice
161Passive practicepractice
162Past Tense Verbsproduction
163Past Tense Verbspractice
164Past Tense Verbsproduction
165Past Tense Verbspresentation
166Past Tense Verbspractice
168Please give me __ because __presentation
169Please give me __ because __production
171Problem, question, answer, advice.production
172Question practicepractice
173Question reviewpractice
174Sound Treepractice
176Star Wars Blank Interview Templateproduction
177Star Wars Board game templatepractice
178Telephone callproduction
179There is / arepractice
180There is / There arepractice
181There is / There arepractice
182They look happy.practice
183This / Thatpractice
184This / Thatpractice
185This / Thatpractice
186This is the __ Andy ___s.presentation
187This is the __ Andy ___s.practice
188This is the __ Andy ___s.production
189This is the __ eaten by __.practice
190This is the ___ that/which __ __.practice
191This… that… yesterday.practice
192Train directionspractice
193Verb tense reviewpractice
195Vocab board gamepractice
196Vocab with meaningspractice
197Vocab with meanings--
198Vocabulary wordspractice
199Vocabulary wordsproduction
200Want vs Needpractice
201Was / Werepractice
202Was / Werepresentation
203Was / Wereproduction
204We call it…practice
205We call this…practice
206We call this…production
207WH questionspractice
208WH questionspractice
209WH questionsproduction
210What did you do yesterday?practice
211What time _?practice
212What time _?production
213What time _?practice
214What were you …ing?production
215What were you …ing?practice
216What were you …ing?presentation
217What were you doing at 11am yesterday?practice
218What’s this?production
219What’s this?practice
220What’s this?presentation
221What’s your favorite _ ?practice
222What’s/Who’s the _est you have ever __?practice
223What’s this?practice
227When did you _ ?practice
228When did you _ ?production
229When is..? It’s…practice
230When ___, I ____.practice
231Which would you like, A or B?production
232Who is the __ _ing_ __?--
233Who is this?practice
234Who is your favorite character?production
235Who that whichpractice
240Will you / Can Iproduction
241Yes/No interviewproduction
242_ is eaten in _.practice
243_ too _ to _.production
244_ too _ to _.practice
245_ was happy to _.practice
246_ was happy to _.presentation
247__ makes me __.presentation
248__ makes me __.practice
249__ makes me __.production
250__ where __practice
251__ where __production
252____ to reasonpractice

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