I live / like / go to _.

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I go to MacDonalds.


Get a piece of a4 for each character on the worksheet then write their name on one side. On the other think of 3 answers to the questions.

Stick the paper in different places all over the classroom with the answers face down. the students can only see the characters name.

Hand out the worksheets to the students. The students work in pairs and play janken. The loser must go to a character, turn over the paper, memorise the answer, and return and SAY the answer to their partner. The partner then writes it down along with the loser who went to get the information.

When checking the answers pretend you are a reporter and interview the students.

interview manga NEW V2 BBC_WorldNews_Stack_Rev_RGB [Converted]

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p47) - "I live in Ichibancho."
vocab:   any,  cute,  have,  how,  kind,  many,  monkey,  of,  of,  pet,  they,  they're,  want,  what    (details)

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