I want a job THAT (verb)

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I want a job that lets me teach students.


BEFORE you begin. Make sure you use the page with ALL the jobs to practice repeating.


Make a full set of cards for each group (4 pages). The cards with the answers ONE color and the other cards a different color.

The picture cards all go face up on the desks and the “hint” cards face down in a nice pile. Students take turns drawing a “hint” card and making a sentence.

The students hunt for the matching card and say “Do you want to be a/an ______ ?” “Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.”

If they get it correct the student gets the HINT card to keep track of points. The picture card returns face up to the desk.

job-cards-1-qu job-cards-2-ann job-cards-1-an job-cards-2-qu


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  1. andymckie says:

    Woops. I spelt DESIGN wrong (no “S”)… All can be fixed using a RED pen

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