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The pen is next to the box.


Use this to teach; in, on, next to, by, near, behind, in front of… etc

First print a BIG copy for the board with magnetic objects and place them somewhere and ask the class, “Where is the ___?”.  (Using a real box and real object is also a GREAT alternative)

Then you can use the sheet and ask the students to draw the pictures on the left somewhere on the picture. ONE picture in each location. The students then walk around and JANKEN. The winner can ask the loser a question “Where is the ___?” The loser answers and if the winner has the matching bubble on the right FREE, they can collect a signature. If it already has a signature then they don’t get anything.

NOTE: change the name to your name and make sure you tell the students that you can’t say “Where is THE Andy?”.


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