I think

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I think it’s expensive.


Print all the objects and stick the price on the back and stick them all over the classroom with the object facing out.
Give all the students a worksheet. Before you put them in pairs they must look at each picture on their worksheet and circle either: cheap, reasonable, or expensive.

Once they are done, put them in pairs.

They play JANKEN in pairs and the winner gets to ask the loser…

“What do you think about number __?”

The loser answers “I think it’s (cheap/reasonable/expensive)”

The winner then runs to the pic and flips it over to check. Then returns to their pair and says
“You’re correct/wrong. It’s (price)”. Good practice for big numbers. You might need to go over how counting large numbers works before doing this activity. They write the price in the box next to the number of the object.

Both students check to see what they wrote. If they were correct they get a point 🙂


2- I think






prices.001 prices.002 prices.003 prices.004 prices.005 prices.006 prices.007 prices.008 prices.009 prices.010 prices.011 prices.012 prices.013 prices.014 prices.015 prices.016 prices.017 prices.018 prices.019 prices.020 prices.021 prices.022 prices.023 prices.024 prices.025 prices.026 prices.027 prices.028 prices.029 prices.030 prices.031 prices.032

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p13) - "I think he's hurt."
vocab:   bike,  get    (details)

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