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Chair. Bus. Pencil


Some first grade vocab. Print the full pic in color and the words in black and white. Stick the black and white version on the back of the color print. I’ve found it to look the best and the easiest to read for the kids.

Use them for chanting and possibly make a nice game from them.


first-grade-VOCAB_02 first-grade-VOCAB_03 first-grade-VOCAB_04 first-grade-VOCAB_07 first-grade-VOCAB_10 first-grade-VOCAB_11 first-grade-VOCAB_14 first-grade-VOCAB_15 first-grade-VOCAB_16 first-grade-VOCAB_18 first-grade-VOCAB_19 first-grade-VOCAB_20 first-grade-VOCAB_21 first-grade-VOCAB_22 first-grade-VOCAB_23 first-grade-VOCAB_24 first-grade-VOCAB_25 first-grade-VOCAB2_02 first-grade-VOCAB2_03 first-grade-VOCAB2_04 first-grade-VOCAB2_07 first-grade-VOCAB2_08 first-grade-VOCAB2_10 first-grade-VOCAB2_11 first-grade-VOCAB2_14 first-grade-VOCAB2_15 first-grade-VOCAB2_16 first-grade-VOCAB2_18 first-grade-VOCAB2_19 first-grade-VOCAB2_20 first-grade-VOCAB2_21 first-grade-VOCAB2_22 first-grade-VOCAB2_23 first-grade-VOCAB2_24 first-grade-VOCAB2_25

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