Who is this?

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He is Kumamon.


Print out all the famous people and stick them onto colored paper along with their name. On the other side write the number that matches them on the worksheet. Put them on the black board with the number facing outwards.

Give the kids all a copy of the worksheet. They will be working in pairs. Make them play janken in pairs. The winner asks the loser “Who is this?” and points a person on the paper.

The loser says “I dont know.” (the mystery pics are intentionally really hard) and runs to the bored and flips over the corresponding numbered sheet.

They come back and answer…. “He is ****”. They both then write the name on their paper.

Continue playing until time is up or all have been answered.

Answers AS on the worksheet:

1: Justin Beiber
2: Homer
3: Einstein
4: Keisuke Honda
5: One Punch Man
6: Woodstock
7: Andy (me).. probably wanna change that one
8: Kei Nishikori
9: Kumamon
10: Ed Sheeran
11: Ryuk (Death Note)
12: Snoopy
13: Jin Akanishi
14: Rola
15: Kumi Koda
16: Trump
17: Metamon (not Pikachu) haha

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School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p63) - "Who is that?"
vocab:   dad,  good,  like,  mom,  or,  pancake,  please,  sorry,  toast,  which,  would    (details)

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