Do you enjoy -ing?

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Do you enjoy living in Yokohama?


Use this board game and MANY examples to make questions.
Use the examples to make a slideshow that automatically flicks through the pictures about one ever 3 seconds and play it on the classroom TV. The student play the board game with a dice and if they land on a regular YELLOW space, they look at the TV and make a question with whatever picture is currently being displayed. (the student ANSWERING the question gets to move one square as a reward)

If they land on a red space, then the student¬†makes a sentence about themselves. “I enjoy…/ I don’t enjoy…”

If you don’t want to make a slideshow, you can always stick them on the board or make cards the students can flip over.


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School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p57) - "I enjoyed swimming"
vocab:   abroad    (details)

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