Telephone call

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May I speak to Atsuko, please?


You can use this as an alternative telephone conversation to the one on p77 on Columbus 1.

Warm up with just repeating.
Then maybe you can choose crazy celebrities to replace the standard characters and also a random verb for the date suggestion (“Let’s play the drums”). Get students to come to the front and make the conversation replacing the people and the action.

The can walk around and practice but using their OWN NAMES and a random action of their choice. The collect signatures on the square below.

Finally put them in pairs and turn the paper over. Have them choose 3 things and take a memo:

  1. Two characters for the conversation
  2.  an action for the date. (Let’s….)
  3. finally 2 more lines to the conversation. (ANYTHING IS OK)

Writing out the whole thing takes too long so only the 3 points above.

Once they are finished, get them to practice it in pairs for a few minutes.

NOW it’s presentation time in front of the class.


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