Desert Island Adventure

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Discussion about being stranded on a desert island.


Put the students into groups of about 3-6 students per group.
Cut up all the items and stick them on the wall/black board.

Set the scene. They are all on a cruise and unfortunately the boat breaks down and (safely) sinks near a deserted island.

Each group gets 2 bags (one of each color).


The teacher is tell them the problem
The students then have a discussion time to think what items they would like in their bags.
One student from the team is sent with ONE bag to exchange items for new ones.
Once all the students have returned to their groups they can give a short presentation to (another group/or the whole class) why they chose the items.

Once they have finished the teacher exclaims that there is another problem and the game repeats.

The problems I used were….

  1. FIRST there is no problem and they can fill BOTH bags (normally they exchange only one bag.
  2. Typhoon is coming
  3. Friendly but cheeky monkeys invade the camp
  4. Its too hot
  5. There is a ship in the distance

This activity is really good as it lets the kids explore all their English. I’d advise not being strict AT all with their grammar and if you can understand, that is good enough.


When the students change items from the bag

make sure they only take up one bag
any items left on the desk are removed
only one student from each group goes to the collect the items otherwise it becomes to crowded.
students hiding key items from other teams

Obviously change anything as you see fit to make a better lesson for your students


items torch items tent items can opener items compass items boat backpack GREEEEEN backpack BLUE











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  1. andymckie says:

    This is the activity that was used for the Yokohama English Festival 2018. This was a team effort by some awesome awesome teachers who have all kindly allowed me to share it with you guys.

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