Reverse taboo!

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Students sit in groups with the cards face down. Once student draws a card and keeps it a secret.
The aim is to make all the other students say what’s written on the card by asking one question to the group.

For examples if the card reads “Yes, I am.”
The student with the card can ask the group “Are you happy?”

Every student gets a chance to answer the question and AFTER everyone is finished, the card is revealed and all the students who match the answer on the card will get a point..

It’s a little difficult but a great review for the 3rd graders. They had fun.

*remember and print a patterned backing on the card for the can’t see through them.

Qu answers1 Qu answers2 Qu answers3

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  1. andymckie says:

    There are so many spelling mistakes in this one… lol
    “Custest”?? Maybe the creator was drunk while making this.

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