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Debating about a topic.


This is a template for simple debating. The template can be printed on HUGE paper and stuck on the board.

GP = Good point
BP = Bad point

The students can sit in groups with a pile of TOPIC cards (or they can think of original ideas on their own). One student will be the topic master. They draw the topic card and ask the question. They also put the other students in their group into 2 sides. GOOD POINTS and BAD POINTS.

Once the topic master reads the card (What do you think about ___?)
The students have 30 seconds thinking time. Then begin their simple debate.

For example:
TOPIC MASTER: What do you think about school?

I think school is good because it’s interesting to learn about new things.

I see but I think it’s boring.
I think school is bad because I don’t like studying for test.

Interesting but I can see my friends everyday.

Once the debate is finished the topic master thinks about the answers and declares a winning side.

AFTER the group activity has finished they can use the worksheet to think of original topics and ask their friends.

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