What were you …ing?

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What were you doing yesterday afternoon?


“Times they are a changin” – Bobby D

Here is an update activity from the long long ago.
This version looks a little cleaner, and with modern characters that the students will know.

FIRST stick the quote on the back of the character they are next to.
You will put them all over the classroom with their picture facing outwards.
Give each student a copy of the worksheet and explain to them that someone has eaten Doraemon’s “pancakes” (I know they arent pancakes but its a good conversation point where the students will try and explain dorayaki to you)

The students will work in pairs and janken to see who will ask the question. “Hi (insert character they want the answer for). What were you doing yesterday afternoon?” The losing student will run over the the picture, turn it over and MEMORISE the quote. Run back to their partner and say what they memorised. ONLY the student that didnt memorise it needs to write.

Remain in the same pairs. They continue janken again… repeat until they have all the characters.
Once they have all the info, they need to read them and decide who was lying. (btw it was Thor. What a scamp!)

This is only one idea. Of course add your own twist.

ing read and run9 (Custom) ing read and run10 (Custom)






ing read and run11 (Custom) ing read and run12 (Custom)






ing read and run13 (Custom) ing read and run14 (Custom)






ing read and run5 (Custom) ing read and run6 (Custom)






ing read and run3 (Custom) ing read and run4 (Custom)






ing read and run (Custom) ing read and run2 (Custom)






ing read and run7 (Custom) ing read and run8 (Custom)






What were you doing (Custom)

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  1. andymckie says:

    The reason the characters are so varied is that I wanted to appeal to as many students as possible.
    Games, anime. music, culture, hollywood movies, youtube, and sports. Probably best to google them so you know who they are before the class starts. Hikakin is an acquired taste 😉

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