PPP teaching method

Presentation / Practice / Production

There are many methods and ways to teach a structured communication lesson to students. The best and most flexible structure I have found is the PPP method.
Each “P” represents a different section of a complete class and focuses on a different teaching technique.

Presentation introduction of new material in context

Giving the students their first introduction to the grammar point using context to make the usage and meaning clear.
Starting simply and growing more difficult, the student can begin to experiment with the teacher with clear examples and fun dialogues and skits.

Practice a controlled practice phase

Using a game or activity to allow the student to use and practice the new grammar point. The student should be able to practice many different usages and feel comfortable communicating ENTIRELY in English in every aspect of the game.

Production activities designed for less-controlled practice

This section should give the students the freedom to explore the usage of the new grammar in a free environment. Building on previous grammar and knowledge is encouraged to add extra language power to their language arsenal. The student should be able to express their own ideas using the target language with little guidance from the teacher.


All 3 P’s should focus on communication and speaking in English. Do not mistake this with VATK which focuses on the type of learner and should still be considered when creating a full and complete lesson plan.

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