Life as an ALT

A little about me and this site

I have been an ALT for a number of years in Japan and loved every minute of it. Every year I have tried to refine my lesson using resources from; websites, books, friends, experienced teachers, teaching courses, a little psychology and feedback from my precious students.

I have a background in computers so I like to incorporate this skill into my class by using Photoshop to make my worksheets and games look a bit prettier. My stuff is by no means perfect but you might find something you can use in your class. All of the activities are FREE to download and use in whatever way you want. If you want to repost my content on your site a little link back to this site would be good for my ego 😉

I kept a photo blog during my first 2 years of being an ALT in Japan. After a 3 year hiatus I have started updating it again. There are some interesting experiences and photos up there. It also has some comparisons about various ALT companies and how I came to live and work over here.

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  1. Chikako says:

    I really like your work! They are so cool!!!
    I will be using them in my Japanese classes.
    (I am teaching Japanese in Australia.)

    Thank you!

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