UPDATE: YEARLY UPDATE – Lazy like a… fox

Hey guys.

Sorry for not updating the site much at all lately. I have been working in the background making sure everything is tip-top and I’m happy to say it’s been running quite happily on it’s on, completely hands-free, for over a year now. Good job, WebBook-chan! She’s a clever girl ūüėČ

I have FINALLY updated all the page numbers to correspond with the Columbus textbooks which were revised last year, and added another 20 or so activities over the last few months.

Lastly, don’t worry about running costs of the site. Some people asked me about a¬†PATREON page or paypal, but that’s not really the route I want to go with the site. I would like to keep it 100% ad-free and without any sort of begging bowl. Leaving a comment (good or bad) is payment enough… but i would never turn down a free beer or maybe buy those delightful kiddies some spectacular stickers. Just please stop calling me “the website guy”… “King Andy” will be sufficient.