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Here are some links that I have found useful in my years working as an ALT teaching in a Japanese junior high school.

The quality varies and everything should be checked for mistakes, the scope of the Target Language, incorrect teaching methods and correct English level.
Beware games that are outdated and rely heavily on translated Japanese on the worksheets. When running a communication class, we should remove the crutch of using the students native language.

A Fox in Japan

You want colorful stuff with a fun sense of humour? This guys got you sorted.
He also provides all the office files so you are free to download and alter away.

Eigo Ganbare –

A huge site with many inspired activities covering all sorts of English. Check out the “Eigo Ganbare Drive” where you can download all the files directly to your computer. Nice!

ALT training online –

A free teacher training resource for teachers in Japan. Modules are currently being prepared so check back regularly to read all the updated training courses.

There are hundreds of activities on this site for ALL the junior high school textbooks. It is run and maintained by a team of ALTs all around the world. A great resource when hunting for new ideas.

ALT Insider –

One of the only places that I have found to give good advice on working practices and teaching methods for ALTs.

ESL Printables –

There are a lot of GEMS on this site but you really need to search through a lot. As a lot of the contributions are from many international countries, the English needs to be double checked.

JET Sendai –

Lot’s of interesting ideas on an easy to navigate site.

Let’s Teach English –

A great teaching resource with lots of fun exciting activities for students of all abilities.

English Worksheet Land  –

17 teachers came together to make this teaching resource. Well worth checking out.

MES English –

Lots of flashcards and easy to use material.

Genki English –

A popular website in the ALT circles

Eigo Note – Lessons for the Eigo Noto textbook

Still using Eigo Note? You’ll find some good stuff here.

13 Responses

  1. Amanda M says:

    We’re big fans of English Worksheet Land. First rate printables. One that’s missing is English Note too, that’s a solid site as well.

  2. ALTInsider says:

    Thanks for the add. Will return the favor shortly. Lot of good stuff here.

  3. Nancy says:

    You might find our printables very useful too.

    • andymckie says:

      Your site looks great!! I’ll add it to the main list.
      Thanks for sharing all your worksheets with the teachers of the world 🙂

  4. David - Joiny says:

    I don’t recommend Englipedia to be honest. I find most of the materials to be difficult to use due to their heavy emphasis on Otaku-esque themes and characters.

    If that’s your thing though, you’ll love it.

    • andymckie says:

      I think there are some great concepts on Englipedia but, like all interent stuff, it has to be tweaked to the individual teacher and group of students

      Talking about Otaku… I recently made a full-on Star Trek themed activity. Can’t get more Otaku than that 😉

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