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Thank you for visiting English Web Book. Here you will find many free activities for teachers teaching communicative English.

This is an archive of my lesson planning and ideas for your future classroom projects. Please use this site, primarily, as a way to make new ideas for your own way of teaching. If there is an activity you like the look of, I urge you to adapt it and make a more personal personal version for youself and the way you teach. If you want to copy it exactly, that’s good too but please don’t ask me to alter it and remove my details from the material… that’s your job 😉
Details on how to alter the JPG files that I have uploaded are here.

How do I use this site?

The lessons are organised in a few ways.


A list of the newest uploaded activities. I have hundreds and it takes time to write up and upload JPG copies of the files so I’ll be doing it on a weekly monthly basis. If you need something that’s not currently uploaded you can leave a comment on this page for a request and if I have something, I’ll upload it ASAP.


A general difficultly grouping of; easy, medium and hard. There is also a TEMPLATE group for mostly blank activities.


All the lessons ordered by the textbook page number and Target Language. I’ll add support for more textbooks if there is a request for it.


If you are looking for a particular activity type you can find ideas in here. Use it for inspiration to create a new activity for your Target Language.


A list of all the grammar points, on the site, in alphabetical order.

Why the watermark?

Feel free to cut off the watermark. It is primarily there to stop other PAID FOR teaching websites from selling on my activities that I’m giving away for free. I don’t feel that’s very fair. It’s definitely not a copyright disclaimer! (Update: all new activities do not have a watermark and are a higher resolution)

There is also a new Vocabulary section. Here you can see all the words the students know and don’t know depending on the page of the book they are currently studying.

You can leave comments anywhere, but general comments, mistakes, bug reports, feedback and requests are best living in here.


28 Responses

  1. Annette Lee says:

    Hey Andy! It’s me, Annette from Eigo Ganbare. I want to ask you if we can exchange link of our website. That way we can help each other and have a much better ALT community. I used to have your site on mine, but I’m thinking put it back on. So, I will put it on my contact page under external ALT teaching websites. Hope you can do the same for me! Please let me know if you added it. Appreciate a million!

    • andymckie says:

      Thanks for adding me, but sad to hear you removed me from your site… can I ask why?
      I’m all for the ALT community but because you have external websites printed on your worksheets I cannot advise anyone working for public schools in Japan to use them in the classroom. It is against MEXT policy and can, potentially, get teachers in serious trouble. If you decide to remove this then ill be glad to recommend your site as it has a lot of good writing practice 🙂

      • Annette Lee says:

        What do you mean external websites? If you are speaking of .com added on Eigo Ganbare, it’s to prevent from Eikawa schools/private English lesson tutors from misusing them for their own profit and the worksheets clearly states for “Japanese public schools. Not for other use” in Japanese. Maybe, in the future, there’ll be an updated and a modern policy that will have a mutual protection for ALTs developing teaching materials. If ALTs who are assigned in traditional schools and feel that they will seriously get into trouble, they can white out the .com before copying over 30+ worksheets per class. If you’re speaking of external educational sites, like Quiver or HP Reveal that have AR features, that’s beyond what I can do other than referring them to their website’s educational IT support team for schools and hopefully overtime, any barriers or concerns will be alleviated. Instead, it’s better to have the strength to focus on the educational merits as a priority. In the meantime, I added your website with other ALT websites. Is there a way we can communicate privately?

        • Annette Lee says:

          A teacher portal (for teachers only), a classroom portal (for teachers and students), and an Eigo Ganbare cloud Drive has been included on my site. Technology. MEXT is promoting ICT and I hope this will include ALTs so they can be valued in their assisted schools
          * Teachers refer to both JTEs and ALTs.

        • andymckie says:

          Hey Annette. The URL issue is a tricky one. It comes from old sites that have let their domain name expire. That’s when dodgy companies swoop in and add unsavoury content to a previously pure and wholesome teaching site. If the worksheet is still in circulation and a student goes to that site… sadly it’s the ALT/JTE who while pay the price. That’s why the rule exists. IF only the world was a better place, huh?!
          I also used to use a watermark with my URL but removed it after a few discussions.

          Of course, I’d be happy to have a chit-chat. I’ll send you a message on your site.

  2. David Dowell says:

    Hi! My name is David Dowell and I’m the current webmaster for http://www.kobejet.com – an English teaching and living in Japan resource for Kobe ALTs.

    We’ve linked to English WebBook on our useful links page and were wondering if you’d be interested in sharing a link to our site as a potential teaching resource for incoming and current ALTs?

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Hi Andy,
    I’m an English teacher who used to live in Japan (’94~98) and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started a YouTube channel to support Junior High school students who are using the New Horizon book series. The videos are done in English and Japanese. I hope your readers find it useful for helping their students. The channel URL is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUV6rtHj6CTl3gH1BkbA66w

    Kind regards,

    • andymckie says:

      Your youtube channel looks good. I can see you have a lot of enthusiasm for teaching English!
      Good luck with everything, I’m sure youll become very popular!

  4. Annette says:

    Hi! I’m the creator of Eigo Ganbare and strongly agree with you about your opinion in stopping other PAID FOR teaching websites from selling on your activities. Just my advise, but when you say taking out the watermark, would those paid for teaching websites do the same?? Perhaps, it’s best for you to have “Englishwebbook” (without the .com) on your activities, so you can get credit. If you don’t mind, you can put your name. I’m also giving my lessons for free and yet, I’m seeking donations and other options. Like a community of teachers supporting each other. Keep up the good work!

    • andymckie says:

      Hey, thanks for your message. Sorry I was so late replying. You know how busy it can get during the start of a new school year!
      Yeah, I tried adding watermarks but quickly discovered that doing so was hindering the teachers that used them. All of them cut off the watermark for a number of reason (school rules about advertising, dont want student to look at where it came from…etc).

      Your material looks great and FREE FROM copyright characters. Nice!

      If I add ANY WAY to generate money, I would be in violation of copyright law…. and im too lazy to go through and change them all. haha

      Although, i do accept free beers 🙂

  5. Charlie says:


    Just a note of thanks for creating this website. It’s an efficient, accurate,
    and creative source for proven classroom activities. I’ve adapted a bunch of these ideas into my lessons. Very helpful.

  6. Colin says:

    Hey Andy,
    I saw your new activities and they look great. I know you work very hard to make these things for our students, so i just wanted to say thank you. Your games and worksheets have made their education better, and freed up time for me to have time with them outside of class.

    Thanks again, and i hope you continue to do more.

    • andymckie says:

      Thanks a lot Colin.
      I’m really glad that you check out the site and use the activities.

      We are working hard for the children.. I hope they all appreciate our graft.

      As long as I think it’s helping, I’ll keep updating it. Cheers

  7. Loch says:

    Can you upload the “do you know how to” worksheets. Also, how do you play the game on there?

  8. Davif Joiner says:

    When’s the chat coming? Can’t wait for the chat!

    • andymckie says:

      lol… I’ve been soooooo busy lately. Recently moved apartment to Yokohama.
      Hopefully the next big code update will be over the winter break 🙂

  9. David - Joiny says:

    Sorry about that! I thing that this website is a great concept. Keep it up!

  10. Jintor says:

    Really great site! I’m looking forward to the chat room. I hope that it will be better than Englipedia’s shoutbox.

  11. Loch says:

    Don’t worry I used *Doubt* for the verbs. Just have them make sentences as they play what ever verb.

    You wouldn’t happen to have anything for 3rd grade
    “It made me happy”?

    • andymckie says:

      Hey Loch.

      I haven’t had to teach that grammar point for years, so the stuff I have is pretty bad. I’ll no doubt need to make new material for this year so I’ll upload it once I’m done.

  12. Loch says:

    Do you have something for verbs for first grade,
    I like, eat, have, study etc?

    • andymckie says:

      Sorry about the slow reply.
      I’ve been so busy with a lot of things… (including the new update, updated just now)
      I’ve got some stuff but nothing amazing uploaded yet. I’m working on it

      • David Joiny says:

        HI there. I’ve made a few comments but they don’t seem to show up. Maybe it’s a technical issue? I think that this site is a great idea. Can’t wait for the chat box! That will be fun.

        • andymckie says:

          Sorry for the late reply. I need to approve your comments before they appear. Now you are on the good list you shouldnt have any more problems

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